The entire process combined

We provide the highest level of service. To make that possible, we have our own packing lines for snack peppers and pointed peppers and offer an unlimited range of packaging types. We are guided by the requirements of our customers, and to ensure that we always have a complete picture of what customers want, we carry out consumer research, which also helps us to introduce new and innovative concepts.

Both our snack peppers and pointed peppers are available in a wide range of packaging types. We also work with customers to find the most suitable presentation concepts for the shelf.

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Snack peppers are supplied in a variety of packaging types. Small containers are the most popular packaging type, alongside small bags and bowls (flowpack). Pointed peppers are most frequently packed into small bags in pairs. In addition, we also supply 400 or 500-gram packaging, a mix, a flowpack, or pointed peppers on a grill tray.

Product sales are handled by our growers assosiation Harvest House..