We’re all about taste

Taste – that’s what it’s all about at Zuidgeest Growers. As growers of speciality peppers, we are dedicated to produce a product of the highest quality. Our products are varieties known for their exceptional taste, including snack peppers and sweet pointed peppers – healthy, crunchy, and sweet.

Covering an area of fourteen hectares in the Netherlands, our two locations in Westland are capable of producing even larger volumes. Our site in Portugal ensures that we can provide year-round availability, which makes Zuidgeest Growers a truly reliable business partner. As a family company, our focus is on innovation, customer-oriented thinking, and marketing.

A family company with its ‘roots’ in peppers

At Zuidgeest Growers, we’ve been cultivating peppers for nearly 40 years. In the 1970s, we were one of the first growers to begin cultivating peppers in the Netherlands. We discovered the increasing importance of taste to consumers and made that our focus. In 2005, we decided to change direction with the introduction of the Vitapep snack pepper to the company – a sweet pepper ideal for snacking. In the years that followed, we expanded our operations to include the pointed pepper. We now cultivate sweet pointed peppers with a thin skin which are perfect for snacking, cooking and barbecues. Our goal is to surprise customers with tasty, healthy products.

Fourth generation

The Zuidgeest Growers management team comprises:

  • Wim Zuidgeest (responsible for sales and the cultivation site in Portugal)
  • Martien Zuidgeest (responsible for geothermal heat and additional cultivation in Spain)
  • Marc Zuidgeest (responsible for operational management)
  • Frank Barendse (responsible for finance)

Marc Zuidgeest’s entry into the company in 2016 marked the fourth generation of the Zuidgeest family in Zuidgeest Growers.

A specialist in specialities

Zuidgeest is the foremost specialist in tasty peppers – it’s what we do, each and every day. Healthy vegetables, including snack vegetables, are an emerging market as consumers increasingly strive for a healthy lifestyle. Tasty vegetables play an important role in any healthy lifestyle, and not just at traditional meal times, but also in between.

Our company satisfies all of the conditions customers expect from a supplier, including consistent quality, year-round availability, and stringent food safety standards. But at Zuidgeest Growers, everything always starts with one thing, and that’s taste!