Pointed peppers

Orange pointed peppers

Sweet and virtually seedless

Yellow pointed peppers

Sweet and virtually seedless

Red pointed peppers

Sweet and virtually seedless

Versatile, tasty, and sweet – pointed peppers

Sweet pointed peppers are the second speciality of Zuidgeest Growers. These elongated fruits weigh approximately 115 to 130 grams and have a sweet, delicate taste. The variety that we cultivate is characterized by the slow ripening of the peppers on the plant. Additional hours of sunlight help giving the peppers additional taste that you’ll really notice!

Thinner pericarp, fewer seeds

Like snack peppers, pointed peppers are ideal snacking food. They’re also great as a tasty additional ingredient in dishes and salads, as well as for filling or grilling.

Our pointed peppers have a thinner pericarp and are virtually seedless. They also have a characteristic twist that creates a natural look. The majority of our pointed peppers are red in colour, but we also cultivate small numbers of yellow and orange pointed peppers.

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