Snack peppers

Orange sweet snack peppers

Extra sweet and crunchy

Yellow sweet snack peppers

Extra sweet and crunchy

Red sweet snack peppers

Extra sweet and crunchy

The tasty vegetable snack

Zuidgeest Growers is known to most as a grower of snack peppers – small peppers with a high vitamin content and weighing between 30 and 35 grams. Their handy size, strikingly sweet taste, and crunchy bite make snack peppers the ideal choice for a snack. They are also a great product to complement a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables – at meal times and in between.

Strikingly sweet

Orange is the most common colour for snack peppers but we also cultivate red and yellow varieties.

We work in close collaboration with major seed companies to introduce further innovation. The focus is on even sweeter products with fewer seeds (and ideally isolated to the top of the pepper), combined with improved features in cultivation.


Vitapep, the brand for tasty snack peppers

Zuidgeest Growers supplies snack peppers under its own consumer brand known as Vitapep. This gives consumers confidence that they are purchasing a high-quality product. It also allows us to offer retailers additional support, such as tasting sessions and product information on the shop floor.

Through the Vitapep brand, we take responsibility for our products on the shelf. Consumers can rely on the fact they are buying the same product year-round.

Over the past ten years, Vitapep has evolved to become a familiar name in the snack segment. Vitapep is a young, fresh brand that focuses on consumers who make health-conscious choices when it comes to snacking. We have a separate website for the brand, helping us generate additional visibility for our snack peppers.